Dr. Kavya K S

Hari Om!
If I have to speak something about the school which I have studied for more than a decade, I’ll start it with our beloved MathaJi.. She is the one person I misses a lot after completing my entire schooling.. It would be because she had taught us the basic value education from such a small age. If at all I posses any moral qualities now, she is the main reason for all that. Sliding pages of Mata Ji, there comes my special teachers, Principal and other administrative staffs equally. There’s no hierarchy in priority for those people as everyone had played an important role in making me/ moulding me like who I’m now!
Like everyone says, schooling is the most important period for youths to develop or restrain themselves and the one great message our Chinmayananda has taught me is ‘One should live a life with exemplary simplicity personified!’ and I ought to follow that in my life too..
I chose my career as a doctor to serve people with love which i have got plenty from all my people out there!
Once again I thank all my teachers, staffs and my much loved students for the truly outstanding support you all have showered us!