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Quotes from Gurudev

What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...

Principal's Message


Hari Om!
‘Shakthi’ is power. All the things in Nature have the power.
Navarathri signifies the power of word, wealth and mental power. The Shakthi in us helps to be bold and free. We have to invoke Goddess Saraswathi to acquire power for the words we utter.
Mother is Shakthi. Children should get the blessings from their mothers as it gives them positive energy. Mathrupooja helps the children to always be affectionate to their mothers and also get her blessings.
May the Goddess shower her blessings to help us in strengthening our thoughts, words and action.

Vice Principal
Nisha S S
Vice Principal

Hari Om!
Let us keep the flame of hardwork in all our actions and taste the fruits of success in life.

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